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BeWealthy Philosophy

BeWealthy Consultants Pvt. Ltd., is First of its Kind company in India. We hold niche expertise in Insurance portfolio Management Services. In BeWealthy Consultants Pvt. Ltd. we are redefining the Insurance advisory and after sales. Our company comprises industry specialists who have a deep understanding of the volatile economy and its bearing on the future of individuals, families and businesses. Not only do we provide the best advice and the most appropriate plan for your security, we have an umbrella of services right from personal insurance to retirement planning. There are 3 major sources available in the market from which we would source the policies. Agents/Brokers & Bancassurance. In our survey, we have discovered that insurance industry is being misused. 18 Cr policies have been sold in India out of which 4 Cr policies are orphan or not getting services. We have also discovered that Agents are not in touch with the clients, & from services perspective genuine customer faces lot of difficulties, they are not aware about the product, charges, fund value, bonuses ,claim procedures etc. Even in case of bancassurance, people buy life insurance for lockers facilities, against loan (as a loan protector) sometimes Bank manager transferred or resigned etc. So in above all situations & circumstances policy holder is the sufferer. BeWealthy as a team have launched an innovative & unique concept wherein we offer our services consultancy & knowledge on existing policies. A to Z services would be provided by us like renewal premium payment reminders & pick ups, updates on bonuses & fund values, assist in Claim settlements & provide consultancy & recommendations. We want all your policies & premium to be protected in your presence & absence. There is a need to have a strong mediator between a manufacturer (Insurer) & end user (Policy Holder) & “BeWealthy” is the answer to it.


Portfolio Management

With the portfolio management services, BeWealthy leverages its' rich experience in wealth & portfolio management to offer investors with smart investment offerings that cater to the need for wealth creation & preservation. Our PMS strategies give investors the desired freedom & peace of mind for their investments and feel assured. Within a short time, the offerings are already proving to be a winning choice for investors.

Claim Settlement

Payment of claim is the ultimate objective of life insurance and the policyholder has waited for it for a quite long time and in some cases for the entire life time literally for the payment. It is the final obligation of the insur...

Life Insurance

Life insurance is considered to be the first milestone in financial planning and its importance cannot be emphasized enough.With every change in one’s life, like marriage, childbirth, house purchase, the need for financial planning to meet the added responsibilities increase.And while today we have an individual has a multitude of options to choose from when s/he starts financial planning, people often neglect the protection aspect in favour of...

Health Insurance

The only thing certain about the future is that it is uncertain.Life’s many twists and turns – forces everyone to think about health cover. Yes, even healthy people – if you want to ensure you are as fit and energetic forever. Because good health care in case of emergency or unforeseen disease is very expensive and you would certainly want the very best in any eventuality.In a world of rising healthcare costs, most of us fi...

General Insurance

General or Non-life insurance is increasingly becoming important due to some laws that mandate having insurance policies (e.g vehicular) and the increasing uncertainties with regards to properties and assets.General insurance can protect in a number of ways:






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